Richard Doron Johnson

September 1, 2007

Family Day Number 2

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While running from Washington D.C. to Baltimore I got the chance to run right to Baltimore,MD.  I have spent a lot of time in my life in this area so this day is special for me.  My fathers side of the family is all from here so I know the city well from my childhood.  After completing a good run at 6pm my cousin Gordon showed up to the exchange point with his wife to be in three weeks.

They were full of energy and I was thankful for this because they took me to see my grandmother which I had not seen since the run began back in May.  It  is always great to see Mama Johnson because she is 95 and is still cooking, cleaning and living on her own by choice.  After spending as much time as possible at her house we drove back to the last exchange point which was only 3 miles from cousins house and picked up Victor since he wanted to stay the night in Baltimore also.  It was truly a pleasure to be in a wonderful home with all the little things that you can forget about having when your on the road all the time.  Just being able to go down stairs and make a smoothie and choose a movie off of the digital cable is great.  This day felt like a day off due to all these amenities.  The following day we woke up and had breakfast at Gordon and Romaines home and then they drove us to Wilmington Delaware so we could catch up to the team and keep running.  Wow the end of the run is coming fast now.  I can feel it!


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