Richard Doron Johnson

September 5, 2007

I Can’t Believe it!

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I am sitting here in the JFK airport waiting on my flight to Punta Cana, DR and I can not believe my journey around the world on foot is over. I think back to the very first day when I meet the team in Lake Placid and all the wonderful personalities everyone expressed. I am still in shock that I have made it along with the other 20 runners that started. We really had some hard times and some great times running around the world and sitting in the van.

Yesterday was a great finale to everything. Being able to run the last few miles with the whole team meant a lot to me because I knew it would be the first and last time for that to happen. Once we all crossed the finished line and was giving are acknowledgements my opportunity to speak on behalf of the team about the entire journey came. Many people did not realize that I was asked by Blue Planet Run a few weeks earlier to speak. I knew some team members would be shocked since many of them had never heard me speak in front of a huge crowd, but the ones who new said they had full confidence in me. I was more than proud to accept the responsibility on the runners behalf. After speaking to the press afterwards and taking photos for the Runners world hero’s addition coming out in December we were rushed off to the hotel to get ready for the cocktail hour and dinner ahead of us for the evening.

As I was sitting at the finale dinner last I was thinking about my new family (for the past 3 months) and us parting ways and when I was going to see everyone again. I almost never say goodbye because I know in my lifetime I will see most people again due to my extensive travels. I have so many fond memories from this trip I don’t know where to start and even if I should but here is just a few:

1. My team getting detained at the Austrian border for 45 minutes
2. Melissa and I getting into an argument over who helps out the most on the team
3. Victor and I getting left in Canada with no Money, passport, i.d. jacket etc
4. No shower for 2 days and then getting finally getting one with brown water
5. Victor loosing something every other day
6. Melissa running 10 miles more than a bit intoxicated
7. Me not know how to use the GPS the whole tour other than touring on the computer
8. Me sleeping in the van in any position possible
9. Taeko not speaking any English at the beginning of the tour and being able to communicate very well by day 100
10. 2 people meeting and getting married within 3 months while on different teams, speaking different languages, on complete different time shifts, sometimes in different countries
11. Partying hard all through out Russia for a month straight and I don’t like going out that much.
12. Running 10 miles sick as a dog but still doing it in 100min because half the other team was sick too.
13. Running 10 miles everyday none injured, and then running about additional 10 miles every week just because
14. Running in 110 degree heat for 4 days in a row
15. Seeing parents out on the route
16. Seeing relatives in Washington D.C. and Baltimore out on the route
17. Spending my birthday running 10 miles at the stroke of midnight and having my team sing to me as I ran into the exchange point.
18. Trying to keep with all the guys in training camp when they are running an easy pace.
19. Seeing victors clothes spread out all around the van soaking wet
20. Listening to Melissa type, chew gum, and hum extremely loud at 4am in the morning when everyone is trying to sleep
21. Having a Russian male masseuse tell me I am his first Black guy ever and he has never seen a booty so round as mine.
22. Seeing Victors masseuse show up in a small mini dress and high hills, put him on a pool table to do her job, and then tell him half way through he is so beautiful
23. Hearing about Grey team having two major accidents in one week that should have killed all of them
24. Scooter man getting tricked into going out with a friendly woman and getting all his belongs taken from his hotel room and then going out and finding the woman 3 hours later on the street, getting nothing back and then taking her back out on a date again all in the same night
25. Seeing Dill out there everyday possible supporting us with water and food to the best of his ability 75% of the tour.
26. Finding out that I was the first runner picked on the last day
27. Spending the night freezing in the Mongolia desert and then 3 hours later burning up due to the heat being so bad in the exact same spot.
28. Eating Mayonnaise, corn, cucumbers, peas, and bread to eat numerous days in a row because nothing else is left other then snickers bars
29. Getting asked where I live at almost everyday of the tour
30. Wondering once I finish this amazing journey is it possible to run to the moon some how.
31. Wondering if all the footage they have of the trip is being taped for reality TV

This list can go on and on but I think you might get the point.

Looks like I am here!


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  1. Welcome back brother. Thanks for letting me come along, through your blog…



    Comment by Russell — September 5, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

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