Richard Doron Johnson

September 7, 2007

Punta Cana Day 2 and 3

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Thursday was a most relaxing day here on the resort grounds. The night before I did not go out even though I was told there was a great club about 30 minutes away. I was tired and beat so I stayed in after running twice during the day. I did though at 11pm go to the resort lounge to find a sad band playing but right next to them was a small dance party going on with the guest from Holland that was stuck at the resort because their plane broke down. There was about 40 people there dancing and having a good time since they couldn’t leave at all. After having small conversations (hearing this is the 4th plane to break in three days for them) of little meaning I decided to return to my room so that I could rest some more.

The following morning during my run I ended up finding myself in another resort (Club Med) because I had run so far up the beach. Now this resort was a singles resort. There were people on the beach, Salsa music was going and people were eating at 8am. I was thinking to myself “Do these people here sleep at all?” After deciding to take a 15 minute break half way through my run to look around I headed back to my nice, quite, couples resort.

After my run I went to eat breakfast near the beach in a wonderful out location on the resort. While eating I noticed about 40 couples eating breakfast having a great time. After about 15 minutes I realized that numerous different staff had asked me in Spanish if I was alone. I guess they thought it was weird I was at the resort alone. Once they figured this out they began to ask me about how get to the United States to live. I even had one waiter ask to me to translate into English “Lady in Red” a song he was carrying around in his pocket it looked like for months. He was a nice guy though so I did it since I was in no hurry.

Next on my list was going to the beach. I am not a big beach person but I ended up staying out there for about 2 hours swimming and roasting along with the others guest. I do like the water here because it is clear and clean as a window with fish on the other side. Later that evening I decided to check out the pool at the resort since it was located right in the center of the resort.

This pool was great when the beach was pounding me with the heat!

On Friday I decided I should go at least go to the local mall since the resort offered a shuttle there. On the list at the hotel there were about 18 stores so I figured it must be a pretty decent location. The shuttle was supposed to leave at 10am but did not arrive until 10:30am. This usually is a give away to something being strange. The trip there took all of 10 minutes total since it was right across from the airport. During my ride I noticed the return shuttle was at 11am. I was thinking was this right? After getting there and walking around with 2 plane repair men we noticed this mall was smaller than a kids playhouse at Burger King. The guys with me luggage did not arrive so they were trying to buy some new gear at the mall for the next 2 days. After going through the one clothing shop, they each found one of each item they needed but since one guy was 6’7 ft tall and the other was 5’2 nothing fit them.

After waiting for the shuttle for 30 minutes, it finally came. Upon trying to get into the shuttle the driver told me he was going to turn around first before I entered the car. When he turned around he never slowed down and drove off. I was thinking you must be joking me. This was the same guy who dropped me off so he knows I was going back to the hotel. It was about 90 degrees out there and not having any shade did not help me. While I was riding over to the mall I was thinking it was not more then 5 miles to the hotel but I never thought I might really find out the hard way via walking or running. After trying to figure out what to do I walked across the street to the airport and bumped into to Tall and To Short (no punt intended). They were nice guys and said they were heading back to the hotel in about 15 minutes if I wanted a ride to come along since they can charge it to the airline for free since they are working. They kept telling me they are here for work but could not do anything until the parts they needed showed up on another plane from Europe. I was more than happy to see these guys because I did not want to do another 5 miles at all at 11:45am in the heat.

Here is the small mall that took 7 minutes to walk through and I walk slow!

My Daddy Yankee pose!

Right before I checked out of the hotel.

This is a great resort if you are here with your significant other or just want to get away. I would not come here if your looking for action and all. For me it was great because I needed a break for a few days. Would I come here again to this resort I ask myself? Maybe if I was “involved” or hiding from the Russian government for interfering with the KGB’s plans tooooo?

As I waited under a tree for an hour for the bus to Santo Domingo I captured this sign!


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