Richard Doron Johnson

September 8, 2007

What a day!

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After waking up and having a good run and swim, I decided to check out as late as possible which meant 11:59am. I decided to take the but into Santo Domingo because a car was $150 one way (Plus I wanted to see the real Dominican Republic). Boy was this a trip. It started by me missing three buses waiting out front of the resort because the first bell man told me that the bus was coming on the opposite side of the street and then an hour later a security guard told me that that was incorrect. Once the bus slowed down for me, I had to run 100 meters with my 43 pound luggage bag and and 15 pound backpack at 1pm.

My fist stop was “Si Trabupo” This was the first bus stop I had to make. After exiting the bus and buying a snapple the second bus came right away. This bus stopped every 80 meters for the first 10 miles to pick up and drop off someone. I could not believe it. Then I made the switch to the next bus and I had about 10 minutes to wait. While waiting for the bus I bought 2 gatorades even though I only wanted one. The locals could see right away that I was from the United States and they took me for a ride literally. Once I got on the bus there was about 10 empty seats and no one would let me sit down. I know my Spanish is not that bad but they kept telling me that Someone was sitting in all the seats while laughing with a straight face as I went to the next seat. After 10 minutes of this the attendant told me to just sit on the floor for the ride which I did. During the ride they did play the movie “War” which I wanted to see so that helped me calm down. After 2 hours on the floor of the bus my Cullo was killing me and the guy next to me could see that. He then was nice enough to offer me his seat next to his friend and w began to talk a bit. I was more than thankful for this guy and his friend because they also gave me some crackers. By 5:15pm I had made it to the middle of Santo Domingo. The next step for me was to find my hotel. After exiting the bus a taxi found me and he took me to the hotel “Hodelpha.” The ride was only about 1o minutes and I was glad because I needed some air condition. I was so happy to see this hotel was right in the middle of all the city traffic and was a nice clean place. Immediately after checking in I went out to walk around since I only had about 2 hours left of day light. I started loving this city right away! I walked a good 3 miles just looking at everyone that looked like me but I was hearing the fastest speaking of the Spanish language I have ever heard. I thought my Spanish was good until I got here. It is like they are speaking to me in Persian.

Next on my list to do was eat at a small Dominican place which I did but since I was in a tourist area the price was like being on the resort. By 8pm I headed back to the hotel to rest because I was surely going out tonight if it kills me.

High School band plays United States standard marching band songs, this was funny!


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