Richard Doron Johnson

September 14, 2007

Grand Canyon Day

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Todays adventure began with me waking up at 4am. I had to get up at this time in order to get ready to leave at 5am and make the 52 mile drive from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon. The plan was to arrive at the Canyon in time to see th sun rise and get there before most of the traffic arrives. At 5:52am it was still dark and I had 13 miles left to drive. I was starting to get nervous because I did not want my waking up early to be in vain. By 6am I was paying the entrance fee of $25 into the park and then the toll man said ” 6 miles straight ahead to the Canyon.” He knew exactly why I was here so early and did not even need me to ask. At 6:06am I pulled up and jumped out the car and hurried to the look out point where about 200 other people were already waiting. Man, I made it just in time!

Sunrise at 6:09am

As the sun rises a look down in the Canyon!

Another view from a different angle looking down!

Can you see the shadow over the Canyon?

Here I am showing the world I made it to the top!

This photo is for all the Blue Planet Run fans!

It looked like this guy was going to jump so I wanted to get it on camera just in case!

After spending 45 minutes here taking photos and talking to all the visitors from Japan and Germany I headed over to the “Bright Angel Trail.” This was one of the 3 trails they have with numerous distances to hike. I had planned on going to the bottom which was 12 miles total.

Yes, I know I am still wearing my Blue Planet gear. I can’t help it now!

This is the first step of my journey down the canyon on the “Bright Angel Trail” which is 12 miles round trip.

A tunnel at mile one you must pass through.

These steps reminded me of the Great Wall in China!

At mile 1.5 these guys passed me looking happy and smiling. I started to think hummmmmmm?

At mile 2 it the bottom looked a little closer, I think?

Me on a safe ledge just in case the wind picks up.

The half way point where I sat for 20 minutes thinking do I want to keep going down! After spending 3 hours going 3 miles down I decided its time to go up. I could have gone all the way down but I did not have 10 hours to spend just in the Canyon hiking. Next time I am taking a mule!

My next stop in the Canyon was the Desert View Trading Post.

This tower over looks the canyon and is located 25 miles from the main tourist area. You can walk 70 ft up to the top and look out over the Canyon as far as the eye can see!

The inside of the Tower looking up!

The second floor of the tower!

The artwork from 1933 is amazing!

Today was amazing and I recommend everyone to come here and see this grand site. This is one of my top five places to visit in the world and to think it is right in the United States. If your wondering what my top five locations are in the world, leave a comment on this blog and when I get at least five comments I will post my top five locations on the planet to visit.


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  1. You have taken wonderful photos! I am trying to get to all 7 natural wonders before they change

    Comment by GoGetter — September 15, 2007 @ 9:29 am

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