Richard Doron Johnson

September 23, 2007

Run on and on

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Can you believe I am still sitting here at the Miami, FL airport and they just told me this plane has issues too. Maybe this is not my day to fly. This is my third flight today that has had problems. Well, at least right now I am on the ground in one piece. I guess I won’t be running 20 miles today since I am spending all my time here. Other than that nothing is really new. Tomorrow I take off for my next adventure leading north up to Toronto, Canada. Since I am in no rush I will be driving and sight seeing once again this year. Many people have asked the question, Why I have chosen to visit Toronto. Well the answer is I have been there four times before in the past but have never had a chance to spend anytime running around the city seeing any sights (I mean this literally and figuratively).

On September 30th at 7am I will be running the Toronto Half-Marathon which is 13.1 miles or 21km. This course is supposed to really great and the time of year is awesome for running. I had the great fortune to be given a free entry back in January when I ran/ coached at the Miami Marathon. During the Expo I had a chance to meet about 60% of the United States prominent race directors and befriend them. I figure after having run around the world in three months I will either have gained some great running potential or just burnt myself out completely. I have been really blessed the last few weeks though because ever since the last week of the Blue Planet Run I have been running between 80-90 mile weeks with no problems. My dad likes to make fun of me and say, “I don’t even drive that much in one week going to and from my job.” This type of mileage won’t last that long but it is good to know that I have grown to the point where I can handle it with no problem if all the other conditions are executed.

Most people say I am an excessive person when it comes to doing something I really want to do and I guess this correct because it has proven itself in the music world and the running world. Lately people have been asking me what is next on my list of things to do. I often say I am still brain storming, which I am but something is going to becoming next year if I am given the chance to close the deal?

Somewhere in the middle of Someplace while out running!


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