Richard Doron Johnson

September 30, 2007

Wow, I never Knew?

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I am extremely impressed with Toronto Canada.

I really did not know what to expect before coming here for an extended period of time. I had been to Toronto three times before but it was only for a day since I was performing or running. I can truly say I have experienced the city now. Toronto reminds me a lot of New York City.

The city has:

1. An underground and over ground metro system which is very efficient.
2. The downtown financial district is the 4th biggest in North America behind Chicago.
3. Hockey Hall of fame (They love their Hockey)
4. CN Tower 1815 ft look out tower with a glass floor you can walk on
5. Casa Loma- A castle built between 1911-1915 by Sir Henry Pellat.
6. 14km of Underground malls consisting of 4 floors
7. The Toronto Marathon on Lakeshore Dr
8. Royal Ontario Museum
9. The Bata Shoe Museum
10. Tim Horton’s- my favorite place to eat on the run (Literally)
11. Much Music- Their version of MTV

The list really can go on and on. The entire 5 days I was there I was busy from sun up into the middle of the night. I will definitely go back to Toronto soon. If for some reason in the summer I show up missing in the United States just go to Toronto (Joe Mama’s) and ask for Mike Laury (Bad Boys I).

You might be shocked who you see!

Here are a few photos from my field trip this week!

Looking out from the CN Tower.

The Blue and White building is the location where I stayed in Toronto right on King St.

Glass floor you can stand on and look below from 1815ft up!

People getting crazy sitting on the floor taking photos on the glass floor.

One of the tallest buildings in Toronto has all the windows insulated with gold for the winter so it keeps the heat in.

Hockey Hall of fame!

City life!

Is this New York City?

This guy looks a bit Blue!

The Crystal Museum!


Another view of the same.

Royal Conservatory of Music!

The Famous “Casa Loma.”

The entrance to the Castle “Casa Loma”

The ceiling in the green room of the Castle!

The Green room were they often had meetings in the Castle.

The whole Green room!

The back of the Castle over looking the City of Toronto.

The servants dinning room where the owners would eat with them when they had no guest!

The fireplace in the study!

The tea room.

One of the four pianos in the house which consist of 98 rooms total!

The Mrs. Bedroom

State of the art bathroom for 1914.

Check out this Shower!

The Mr. Bedroom!

Guest entertainment room!

Since I am a guest I figured I should take a photo in the guest room!

The meeting room upstairs! This family was beyond wealthy!

An expensive pipe organ even by todays standards.

The library.

A view of Toronto downtown from a boat tour I took that lasted an hour.

Once a private Yacht Club on the island.

The CN Tower. Remember the glass floor at the top where people were jumping on it at 1815ft…hummm?

Local Monument.

One of the countless churches that I have photographed.


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