Richard Doron Johnson

October 13, 2007

Here I was!

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Hello to everyone out there reading this entry! This past week has been a typical week for me. I say this because I spent my time between Atlanta, Ga and New York City. Upon arriving in Atlanta, GA from Baltimore Maryland I went to rehearse that evening with the band I am part of called “AFAR”. Since we had a gig coming up in two days it was important that we all got together to go over the music. The following day I mostly spent it running around the city taking care of bills and miscellaneous things that I had not done in the past two weeks being that I was in Canada.

On Wednesday the gig was already upon us at the 5 spot in Atlanta, Ga. I thought the gig went well for the band since we were part of a trilogy of bands for the evening. The only bad part was we went on last which meant we had to wait an extremely long time to go on. Finally by 12 midnight we went on. The following morning at 5:30am, I was off to New York city for a concert in Bridgeport CT. This was a most exciting gig for me since I had not played a high level jazz gig in a while. I was really looking forward to this journey with Victor Goines and Wycliff Gordon. I had great time performing with the band and the food was the bomb too.

The following morning at 5am I was off back to Atlanta Ga to shoot Afar’s second video. So on Friday and Saturday our goal was to get to all the video shoot locations early enough to be able to get through the multiple takes. Everything went off better than we had expected. This was great for me since we ended a bit early on Saturday. Since I was feeling pretty good after the shoot I packed my things and began my next voyage to Dallas, TX. Originally I had planned to leave on Sunday but since I felt great I jumped at the chance to get back on the road.


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