Richard Doron Johnson

March 31, 2008

Been A Long Time!

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Any one remember that song by Eric B. and Rockem from back in the 80’s? Well, yes it’s been a while since I have blogged. Over the past several months I have been laying low spending my time between Atlanta, GA and Minneapolis, MN. Yes these two places are completely different. Minneapolis has had one of the coldest winters on record with the least amount of snow in years. I have adapted to the warm weather in Atlanta over the past few years so to go to a place like Minneapolis was beyond a shock. Some days the weather would be negative 30 degrees (Try running in this since it won’t happen if you plan on living). I have not done nearly as much traveling as I normally do even though I have managed to fit in a few places on the map. Here are a few of the States I have been to:

Atlanta, GA

Maryland/Washington D.C.

Bismarck, North Dakota,

Philadelphia, PA,

New York New York

New Orleans, LA

North Dakota- Performance with the Bismarck Symphony orchestra. The Conductor and I having a moment.

At this very moment I am in Berlin Germany in the lobby of my hostel writing this because I have 3 hours until I do my second run for the day. Yes, you heard me right my second run for the day. This morning I did 12 miles at 7am and this afternoon I plan on doing 5 more (I shalt not reveal my times since the enemy is always preparing to attack). I guess by this point many of you reading this are thinking this guy must be crazy to still be running after having run around the whole world last summer ( Well I enjoy running since it is me against me really and I would love to be able to run a faster marathon. Enough about running though. The reason I am in Europe is because I am getting ready to begin a two week tour with a good friend of mine named Christian Winther. Every year or so we do a tour of his native land of Denmark for about 2 weeks.
Touring with this band is always a lot of fun because the four member band gets along very well. On bass we have Kengo Nakamora, on drums Quincy Davis, Myself on Piano, and Christian Winther on Tenor Saxophone. The tour manager and is Morten Hertz as always. He is are biggest fan literally. He is 6”7 and weighs about 300 pounds but is all laughs and smiles. Tomorrow we will rehearse the music off of the CD that was just released last month by Steeplechase records . This is a good CD that was created about a year ago and is finally out on the streets. On Christians latest CD is a song I wrote called “Ferris Wheel” that seems to be turning into the bands theme song.. For now that is all folks but hopefully as the tour continues I will be able date you with around the world travels!

Below are a few random photos taken over the past few months so you can see what I look like with all my hair cut off!

The Fellas at the Super Bowl party 2008

I fit right in here in Bismarck, ND

In Chicago with the Blues Brothers!

My Brother Kevin with his new Best Friend!

In Minneapolis,MN during Spring time.

Me in D.C. a few days ago at the African American War Memorial.


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